If you want import all of your existing properties or export all of your properties to easily analyze, we have easy ways to make this happen. To import you will need to put your properties in a CSV with the titles of each field matching to InSite. The best practice is to click the + in the toolbar in the backend of InSite. Then you can download a sample CSV. This will have all the fields named for you. Now add your data. You will then click the + and Import the CSV. Once you Import the properties, click map fields and the properties will be added.

Select the “+” sign > “Import Properties

        1. Download sample CSV
          1. Perform Field mapping:
          2. Fill out sample CSV with all data for each property
          3. Make sure to fill out Yes/No fields with Yes/No or 1/0
          4. Text fields with text
          5. Number fields with numbers – Leave OFF special characters
            1. $, SqFt, Square Feet, Acres – System won’t take these
          6. Photos, documents/downloads need qualified URLs for importing.
            1. Qualified URLs need to be pointed towards an active server.
            2. System only takes 4 photos, documents – More can be added after importing.
        2. Load csv file into import function, input email, select upload file
        3. Perform one last field mapping
          1. Double check headers match:
            1. Example: DistanceTOAirport – map to: “DistanceAirport”
            2. DistanceToHighway – map to: “distancehighway”
        4. Select Map Fields

Exporting properties is very easy as well:

Exporting from the backend

    1. ‘Down’ arrow icon
    2. Download current page of results in CSV and PDF files
    3. Download CSV’s for current page of results or an entire list of results

You will have 3 options here. You can export the current page you are viewing into a CSV or PDF, or you can export all properties into a CSV.