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Data and User restrictions are utilized when you have backend InSite users from different areas who only require access to certain data. By restricting data and regions, certain users can only access and edit data that is within the restrictions that you set. To set data and user restrictions, go to the Tools tab and in the far right column you will find the User and Data restriction tabs.


  1. Data Restrictions
    1. Data restrict a local partner or a broker to their specific geography or their own account to restrict their access to the amount of viewable/editable properties in the database.
    2. For Local Partners
      1. Data restrict these users so they only have access to their city or county.
      2. The user will only be able edit properties in their geography, and no other properties.
      3. To data restrict:
        1. Go to “Tools” tab”
        2. “Data restrictions
        3. Select user -> Fetch data restrictions
        4. Select county or city from dropdown
        5. Select “add City or County restriction”
    3. For brokers
      1. Data restrict to their own account so they can only see the properties they are the owner of.
      2. To data restrict:
        1. Go to “Tools”
        2. “Data restrictions”
        3. Select user -> Fetch data restrictions
        4. Select User Restriction -> select user from dropdown ->Add user restriction
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