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Being an admin for InSite or for the website enables you to full control over your site. Your privileges include but are not limited to adding/deleting users, assigning roles, setting data and user restrictions, full control of editing approving and posting content, and access to the full functionality of the site. The admin role can be assigned to anyone. If you have multiple people within your organization who require the above stated privileges, they can all be assigned an admin role for InSite, the website or both.

Creating new accounts/Administration

    1. In Administration:
      1. Select “Users”
      2. “New user”
      3. Provide username, email, and password
    2. Giving Roles to new user
      1. After user has been set up:
        1. Go to “Roles”
        2. “Add new role”
        3. Select Local Partner, Broker, or InSite Admin
    3. Giving roles to current user
      1. Go to Administration
        1. Select “Roles”
        2. Select the ‘pencil’ icon of the role you wish to give out
        3. Go to “Users”
        4. “Add new user”
        5. Select user you wish to give new role to
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