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Roles are a vital part of the backend of your site. Roles restrict who can see, edit, update, and change data. The role you assign to someone can also restrict access to certain areas of the site. To assign a role, click on the Administration tab > Users > Active Users. Now click on the green pencil next to the desired user. You will find a tab titled Roles and click on this. Now click Add Role. You will have a list of roles to choose from. Depending on your individual site, you may possibly have many roles. You can assign InSite and website roles here. Below you will find the base InSite roles. If you have other roles and not sure what they are, please contact support for clarification at

What are the roles?

    1. Local Partner
      1. Given to partners who have states Local InSite software, or should only see properties within a certain geography.
      2. Restrict local partners to their specific county, or city.
    2. Broker
      1. Given to local brokers/companies with properties they wish to show on tool.
      2. Restrict brokers to their own account
      3. Only have access to InSite/properties tabs
      4. After the broker’s role is “data restricted” to their own account, they’ll only have access to add/edit/delete properties they are the “record owner” of (See 2C above)
    3. InSite Admin
      1. Given to those who should have full access to the entire database.
      2. More functionality, and have admin control over database
      3. Access to properties, companies, other places, communities, performance reports
      4. Can create accounts and access to Data Restriction functionality.
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