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Innovative Research for Winning Strategies

A better, stronger, more impactful community starts with research. Before Atlas produces design concepts or begins copywriting, we delve deep into a community to identify key target markets, stakeholders, economic impact and more. This research informs all of the future work we do.

Economic Impact

Research – and its outcomes – can have a significant impact on the economic stature of a community. Uncovering perceptions and gathering insight about your place provides an opportunity to learn what’s working and what’s not within your community. When you understand how to better position (and sell) your assets, it gives way to things like increased engagement and more business relocations, which, in turn, impacts and improves the local economic imprint of your area.

Audience Segmentation

It’s important to uncover and gauge perceptions from various groups who influence a particular community. Atlas evaluates and interprets impressions from regional stakeholders, site selectors, local and regional businesses, residents, and other groups integral to the success of a community. Our research is conducted through a series of in-person and electronic interviews tailored to each of the (aforementioned) designated participant groups.

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