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Project Description

Ensuring tourists stay multiple nights in Taos during their travels to New Mexico, rather than just touring the Pueblo and driving on.

Atlas worked with the state tourism department to leverage their research insights, craft ads that met their guidelines, and augment those efforts with Taos-branded ads that honored the indescribable escape you can only find in Taos. Atlas also developed a mobile app to easily showcase the area’s tourism assets, including things like where to eat, stay, and play in Taos.

Far Away From the Every Day campaign, social contests, and mobile app results:

  • 450,000 impressions in Metro Denver, North Texas, and New Mexico
  • Nearly 1,500 contest entries and email addresses for future targeted marketing
  • 10% increase in Facebook followers
  • Smart spending – we repeated top performing Facebook ads and halted an underperforming Google Adwords SEM campaign
  • Over 100 downloads of the mobile app in the first month
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