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Project Description

The Pasco Economic Development Council wanted to implement a new workforce initiative to bridge the gap between workforce and industry. They needed a brand and new website that would serve as the cornerstone of the ‘Talent & Workforce’ component within their strategic economic development plan. The website would be the conduit through which businesses can find and hire the highest caliber talent and where the local workforce can navigate through career-specific pathways to land the most fitting job possible.

The first project was to create a workforce-specific brand identity that felt like it was part of the Pasco EDC brand. Upon creating a new identity, our approach was to build a modern, aesthetically pleasing, and easy-to-use website that conveys the immense opportunities for both employers and job seekers in Pasco County, catering to three distinct groups: employers, educators, and job seekers. In addition, we developed a comprehensive workforce data aggregator and search platform to supplement the website.

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