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Tennessee Valley Authority:
TVA’s mission is to serve the people of the TVA region, and we do that through three main areas of work: energy, environment and economic development. We serve the seven states that make up the TVA service area: almost all of Tennessee and parts of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, and Kentucky. Through our partnerships with other economic development organizations, we help foster capital investment and job growth in the area.


TVA InSite


Project Description

When it comes to attracting, retaining and expanding businesses, Tennessee Valley Authority has long been at the top of the spectrum. In  coordination with the local communities in the Valley, they have successfully attracted/retained close to 70,000 jobs, resulting in $8 billion in capital investment. Even with this success, TVA needs to continuously provide new and different solutions  for their Valley partners in a way that highlights different aspects of the communities, so they can provide top tier company retention and attraction.

With a top tier Site Locator GIS tool in place, Atlas revamped the data reporting that is provided in the tool to show more comprehensive Industry and Wage data at all NAICS and SOC levels powered through a leading data provider, EMSI. With technology driving today’s ED market, TVA needed a solution to provide to their field reps and site selectors. Atlas also developed a mobile App for all the available properties in the TVA region, geared to help site locators, business developers and target market specialists find a property that fits their business needs.

In addition to the existing demographic data reports powered through ESRI, the new Industry and Wage reports provide TVA quality EMSI data to include the numerous RFP’s that ask for specifics on wage, salary, and jobs data for a specific community. TVA has gone green with the new site locator mobile app, and no longer need to print out a property details page or demographic report. Instead, they’ve equipt the entire Valley and site locators the ability to  access their entire property database and demographic report with a simple touch of a finger.


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