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Project Description

Position Cleveland as a unique and fruitful business destination, and simultaneously, shift outdated perceptions of Cleveland held by most site selectors. Atlas realized that what was happening on the ground in Cleveland wasn’t apparent to those outside the City’s borders, so we took on the challenge of creating a new brand identity and website for the City of Cleveland – an organization looking to increase the awareness of its activities, as well as attract businesses to the region.

Atlas developed a new economic development website, brand identity, and tagline – “Rethink Cleveland” – that gave meaning to a place with an industrial past with higher tech potential.

Atlas was successful in reversing the image of the area as simply being part of the Rust Belt burg, an acuity engrained in the minds of most familiar with the area. Along with the construction of a new economic development website and brand identity, Atlas’ marketing recommendations included emphasizing print advertising for the city. We advocated for this initiative to show companies local to Cleveland, as well as stakeholders, the true business impact of economic development on the city.

We believe our Atlas-built economic development website is world-class. Not just because it is award-winning, but because it has given the city the best online platform. Atlas not only took the time to understand our challenges, but leveraged them to develop, evolve, and substantiate our brand and promise to companies looking to Cleveland to expand or relocate.”
– Tracey Nichols, Executive Director, City of Cleveland Department of Economic Development
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