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Strategy & Consulting that Moves the Needle

Putting high performance economic development into action. Is your EDO making a measurable difference in your community? Can your staff provide examples of your impact? If not, your organization’s future is at risk. That’s where Atlas’ strategy and consulting work comes in. Our specific approach enables EDOs to operate in a more efficient and sustainable manner.

High Performance Economic Development Benchmarking Survey

20 years ago, 70% of EDO funding came from public sources, and 30% from private. The opposite is now true. If you’re receiving donations and private funding, the most important thing you need to do is communicate your initiatives and outcomes to those who want or need to know “What’s in it for me?” So what methods should your organization employ to satisfy those underwriting your campaigns?

  • Use benchmarks to periodically assess your campaign
  • Ask for participation from key stakeholders
  • Analyze and report on metrics post campaign

Our quick 10-question survey takes the guess work out of summarizing, analyzing, and reporting on clunky data – it yields a clean, seamless, custom report that boards love. 

High Performance Economic Development Consulting (HPED)

HPED helps executives in EDO’s to develop collaborative action plans that focus on clear, measurable, and comparable outcomes, informed by real site selector feedback, and by assisting you, your staff, and your board to communicate these plans publicly based on private sector – inspired national benchmarks.

Our consulting services are for communities that need to take their organizations to the next level. It’s a metrics based approach to economic development, marketing business development and executive leadership.

Marketing Strategy

Drawing from our research on your community and organization, Atlas’ marketing strategy deliverables focus on how you can maximize your ROI and sustain measurable success. Our strategies are dynamic and prepare your organization to react to new developments while maintaining focus on your ultimate goals.

Brand Positioning

By identifying what is unique and marketable about your community, Atlas is able to position you for ultimate success in the marketplace. We will position your community or organization in such a way that your brand occupies a specific section of the marketplace, whether that be relative to a specific industry or location in the region.

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