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Helping Your EDO Reach the Right Audiences


The Right Channels and Touch Points that Give You an Edge. Our marketing campaigns utilize an effective balance of paid, owned, and earned media channels to most efficiently convey your community’s strengths to the market.


With strategic use of search engine marketing (SEM) and pay-per-click advertising (PPC), we get your digital ads in front of the right audience on the Google Content Network and LinkedIn. We also use additional strategies like retargeting, responsive ads, and tag manager/goal setting to achieve qualified traffic and results. When we combine this strategy with our media planning and buying capabilities, we target only the most optimal media platforms for your community’s brand.


Building the best community websites is the backbone of Atlas’ reputation. Our creative and strategic teams work together to customize your website’s look, feel, and strategy. We take into account your brand, your goals, and your community’s personality. The end result is a customized website that tells your story, backed by the most comprehensive set of software in the business.

Simply put, our sites perform. With 130% more web visits on our sites, we have the numbers to prove it. We have invested over $3 million in building the highest performing technology and have led innovation in websites in the economic development, tourism, and real estate industries for over a decade.


Our marketing efforts are supplemented through strategic use of public relations and social media strategies. Using LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, we promote your organization’s capabilities, as well as your community’s achievements.

Analytics, Optimization, Metrics Dashboard

Once your website and campaign are launched, Atlas offers continued service, including Google website analytics, Leftronic dashboard performance metrics, and more.

In addition to the breadth and depth of analysis Atlas can conduct through Google Analytics, we also utilize mouse tracking to further analyze website visitor behavior. We can successfully analyze where users are clicking on your website, where they are from, time spent on your site, and more, and then display the results to you in either a “confetti” image or a heat mapping image. Insights gained from this type of analysis lead to concrete website improvements that are relevant and appealing to your audiences, and add tremendous value to the website.

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