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Connecting People & Places to Ideas & Action
Does your community know how to leverage its unique strengths to drive inquiry and investment from prospects? Marketing is what we do every day. But it’s not just marketing. It’s the intricate process of delving in to a community, and understanding the idiosyncrasies that make it tick. It’s knowing what makes a place thrive and being able to share that story across the globe. It’s place marketing that helps communities all over the world generate awareness, and bring business through their doors.

Our agency has helped more than 180 communities in 48 states and six countries lead and support economic growth in their communities using the highest quality design, architecture, and technology tools in the economic development industry, and our work has set the industry standard for digital marketing, strategy, websites, and brands in the ED space.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve cultivated our skills and expertise in marketing places. We work tirelessly for community leadership and economic development entities across the country who need to grow their economies and increase their bottom lines through place marketing and business attraction – growing advocacy, awareness, consideration, and conversion.

Unlike firms with little or no economic development experience, we use a proven mix of digital marketing tactics that generate interest from your specific audiences. This saves our clients time and money, impresses stakeholders, and delivers better prospect response. Our economic development initiatives have been named among the best in the country by IEDC and AngelouEconomics, and our firm and clients have won “best of” awards from the International Economic Development Council (every year for the past 15 years), 3CMA, the American Marketing Association, and the Business Marketing Association.

Agency Services

Strategy & Consulting that Moves the Needle
Putting high performance economic development into action. Is your EDO making a measurable difference in your community? Can your staff provide examples of your impact? If not, your organization’s future is at risk. That’s where Atlas’ strategy and consulting work comes in. Our specific approach enables EDOs to operate in a more efficient and sustainable manner.

High Performance Economic Development Benchmarking Survey

20 years ago, 70% of EDO funding came from public sources, and 30% from private. The opposite is now true. If you’re receiving donations and private funding, the most important thing you need to do is communicate your initiatives and outcomes to those who want or need to know “What’s in it for me?” So what methods should your organization employ to satisfy those underwriting your campaigns?

  • Use benchmarks to periodically assess your campaign
  • Ask for participation from key stakeholders
  • Analyze and report on metrics post campaign

Our quick 10-question survey takes the guess work out of summarizing, analyzing, and reporting on clunky data – it yields a clean, seamless, custom report that boards love. 

High Performance Economic Development Consulting (HPED)

HPED helps executives in EDO’s to develop collaborative action plans that focus on clear, measurable, and comparable outcomes, informed by real site selector feedback, and by assisting you, your staff, and your board to communicate these plans publicly based on private sector – inspired national benchmarks.

Our consulting services are for communities that need to take their organizations to the next level. It’s a metrics based approach to economic development, marketing business development and executive leadership.

Marketing Strategy

Drawing from our research on your community and organization, Atlas’ marketing strategy deliverables focus on how you can maximize your ROI and sustain measurable success. Our strategies are dynamic and prepare your organization to react to new developments while maintaining focus on your ultimate goals.

Brand Positioning

By identifying what is unique and marketable about your community, Atlas is able to position you for ultimate success in the marketplace. We will position your community or organization in such a way that your brand occupies a specific section of the marketplace, whether that be relative to a specific industry or location in the region.

Economic Development Websites

Atlas prides itself on producing fully responsive websites using innovative, user-friendly design functionality, bold and visual design elements, and strategic navigation and page architecture to highlight a location or organization’s unique attributes to attract businesses, workforce, or tourism. We collaborate closely with our clients to ensure website goals are met, specifically increased user engagement, increased traffic, a seamless user-experience, and high-ranking SEO. We have won multiple awards for our websites and continue to create new, groundbreaking, and high-performing sites. 

Creative that Pops

Our creative geniuses make good campaigns phenomenal ones. Dynamic, award-winning creative work is at the core of Atlas’ services. Our strategic and creative team develops impactful positioning statements, actionable audience personas, brand strategies, visual concepts, and more to fully tell a community’s story through innovative design and insightful copywriting.

Positioning & Audience Persona Development

After site visits, stakeholder conversations, and extensive research, Atlas develops accurate audience personas and impactful positioning statements that underline all creative work. By defining goals and target markets, Atlas is able to effectively develop creative concepts and convert targeted leads.

Brand Strategy, Identity & Development

Atlas creates effective long-term brand development strategies to reach clearly defined and achievable goals. Our brand strategy and development is closely aligned to organizational and target market needs.


With our brand strategy firmly in place, we are able to execute dynamic storytelling campaigns through dynamic visual and written content. Digital content, print ads, and more are used to clearly convey the unique aspects of your community to your target markets.

Campaign Development

Our campaigns are specifically designed to drive community awareness and create tangible results: company relocation, job creation, and more. We design our messaging to speak directly to your target markets and deploy that messaging in a defined way, increasing the number of qualified leads and chances at conversion.

Helping Your EDO Reach the Right Audiences
The Right Channels and Touch Points that Give You an Edge. Our marketing campaigns utilize an effective balance of paid, owned, and earned media channels to most efficiently convey your community’s strengths to the market.


With strategic use of search engine marketing (SEM) and pay-per-click advertising (PPC), we get your digital ads in front of the right audience. When we combine this strategy with our media planning and buying capabilities, we target only the most optimal media platforms for your community’s brand.


Building the best community websites is the backbone of Atlas’ reputation. Our creative and strategic teams work together to customize your website’s look, feel, and strategy. We take into account your brand, your goals, and your community’s personality. The end result is a customized website that tells your story, backed by the most comprehensive set of software in the business.

Simply put, our sites perform. With 130% more web visits on our sites, we have the numbers to prove it. We have invested over $3 million in building the highest performing technology and have led innovation in websites in the economic development, tourism, and real estate industries for over a decade.


Our marketing efforts are supplemented through strategic use of public relations and social media strategies. Using LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, we promote your organization’s capabilities, as well as your community’s achievements.

Analytics, Optimization, Metrics Dashboard

Once your website and campaign are launched, Atlas offers continued service, including Google website analytics, Leftronic dashboard performance metrics, and more.

In addition to the breadth and depth of analysis Atlas can conduct through Google Analytics, we also utilize mouse tracking to further analyze website visitor behavior. We can successfully analyze where users are clicking on your website, where they are from, time spent on your site, and more, and then display the results to you in either a “confetti” image or a heat mapping image. Insights gained from this type of analysis lead to concrete website improvements that are relevant and appealing to your audiences, and add tremendous value to the website.

Digital Marketing that Transcends Tradition

Lead Intelligence 

Lead Intelligence helps your EDO find prospects more efficiently. This software plugin closes the loop between anonymous website visitors and prospects by telling you:

  • Which company visited your website
  • Company details and URL
  • How many times they have visited your site
  • What they searched for
  • How they found your website (paid search, social, display ad, etc.)
  • How to contact them
Innovative Research for Winning Strategies
A better, stronger, more impactful community starts with research. Before Atlas produces design concepts or begins copywriting, we delve deep into a community to identify key target markets, stakeholders, economic impact and more. This research informs all of the future work we do.

Economic Impact

Research – and its outcomes – can have a significant impact on the economic stature of a community. Uncovering perceptions and gathering insight about your place provides an opportunity to learn what’s working and what’s not within your community. When you understand how to better position (and sell) your assets, it gives way to things like increased engagement and more business relocations, which, in turn, impacts and improves the local economic imprint of your area.

Audience Segmentation

It’s important to uncover and gauge perceptions from various groups who influence a particular community. Atlas evaluates and interprets impressions from regional stakeholders, site selectors, local and regional businesses, residents, and other groups integral to the success of a community. Our research is conducted through a series of in-person and electronic interviews tailored to each of the (aforementioned) designated participant groups.

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