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Community Recovery Services

Post-Covid Strategy Accelerator

Your organization most likely already has a multi-year strategy that determines your brand, positioning, marketing efforts and budget. But this plan may need to be reassessed and adjusted due to the current state of the economy, community challenges and uncertainties.  Atlas will review your current strategy and then host a virtual marketing accelerator with your economic development leadership team to talk through the challenges your community is facing, what marketing you were doing before COVID-19, your target audiences, and set goals. We will hold calls with your stakeholders to hear their concerns and challenges.  Atlas will then provide a strategic road map with recommendations for how to adjust marketing and how to potentially reposition your community to target a new audience or industry.  

Workforce marketing road maps include the below:

  • Positioning statement adjustment/recommendation for post COVID-19 
  • Research and Stakeholder Interviews
  • Marketing recommendations: A 12 month marketing roadmap to guide your marketing and positioning post COVID-19 with key audiences defined

Talent Attraction Campaign

In a time where workers are looking for new career opportunities, locations with lower cost of living and less commuting traffic, and remote working is quickly trending upwards, there is great opportunity to market your community or region to prospective talent. Highlighting your quality of life, cost of living compared to a surrounding major metro area, education, and employment opportunities can really set your community apart and attract new skilled talent. With remote working quickly becoming a rapidly growing trend which started even before COVID-19, workers are showing moves out of large cities and into more suburban and rural areas with over 5% of workers in the US now working remote. 

Campaign can include any (or all) of the following:

  • Talent Attraction Marketing Plan 
  • Talent Attraction Website 
  • Workforce Attraction Digital Campaign

COVID-19 Response Website Page Template

Let Atlas help to ensure you are organizing the vast amounts of data, links, news and resources in a clean and intuitive manner for your community, based on community impact, small business resources, unemployment financial assistance, and community recovery.  Utilize an organized, flexible template to make these pages and links easily accessible to your audiences and to be able to change out content to focus towards recovery. 

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