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Our Mission is to Create Vital Communities

Atlas Integrated is an economic development consultancy that provides consulting, marketing, and technology solutions that gain global recognition for communities, catalyze stakeholders, and demonstrate real community progress.

Unlike working with local marketing companies, other national consultants, or doing the work yourself, working with Atlas gives your organization the global and national perspective that has come from working with 465 communities in 48 US states and 7 countries over the last 10 years, the time tested best practices to make progress and wow stakeholders, and the innovative tools and data to demonstrate and communicate real progress.

Have a community marketing project in the works? We’d love to hear from you!

Our Philosophy

We view ourselves as community consulting, marketing, and technology professionals on a mission to create vital communities and results for places around the nation and the world.

We are economists, strategists, software experts and digital marketing evangelists working together to create vital community brands that generate results. We believe that our work has a direct and indirect ROI for all of the communities with whom we work.

Our tried and true values show us as a team that spares no expense in doing the very best for our clients and each other… all in the name of empowering community greatness!


We Go Above and Beyond.

We are customer, colleague, and partner focused problem solvers, going above and beyond to empower greatness.

We Do the Right Thing.

In empowering greatness in others, we are kind, patient, and compassionate in knowing that each customer, colleague, and partner is on their own journey.

We Are Relentlessly Curious.

As passionate, worldly explorers. We empower greatness by being open minded about new experiences, and we are never satisfied that we have learned or taught enough.

We Push the Envelope.

We understand that to empower greatness, it is our responsibility to innovate and evolve how we do what we do. To achieve this, we constantly generate and share new ideas from what we have learned in new, forward thinking ways.

We Are a Tribe.

We are one. We humbly honor our diverse backgrounds, skills, and personal qualities, but are purposeful about the customers, colleagues, and partners we collaborate with.

Our Partners

Consultant Connect

Consultant Connect brings economic developers and communities together. As a resource, Consultant Connect helps Atlas obtain location consultant perspectives about communities. Going forward, the two organizations have formed a strategic partnership to provide even stronger results for our respective clients as well as valuable information as co-presenters for events and webinars.


ESRI’s software is used by businesses, government entities and utilities companies to provide GIS information through maps, data and apps. The ArcGIS software is frequently utilized by economic development and tourism organizations to analyze and target specific demographic populations.


HubSpot software provides clients with sophisticated tools to track the impacts of their marketing efforts and leads as they engage with their digital marketing and websites. From there, HubSpot enables organizations to manage those leads through the pipeline and ultimately from prospects to projects. Several Atlas clients are generating exceptional results for their organizations by maximizing their HubSpot implementation. Atlas’s formal partnership with HubSpot provides implementation support and cost savings for our clients.


There are no open positions at this time

We are always looking for the best and brightest in the industry to join our team in Downtown Denver. We believe our success and innovation is a product of our talented and balanced employees. We work hard, collaborate well, and always make time for a healthy dose of play.

If you are a technology junkie with a creative heart who loves to travel, we want to hear from you. Send us your resume, and tell us why you’re our next rock star.

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