Mobile Self-Care (MSC) will be decommission effective 1st March, 9AM. When customer go to MSC < https://m.selfservice.astro.com.my >, customers will be redirected to MCSS < https://selfservice.astro.com.my > as the screen below.

Decommissioning of MSC SPL

  1. Why can I no longer have access to the old self-service page (https://m.selfservice.astro.com.my)?

    • We enhanced our previous self-service page to serve you better.

  2. Can I still access the previous self-service menu?

    • Yes, sir/madam, and to help serve you better, the new self-service page now has a richer self-service menu.

  3. What actions can I perform via your new self-service page?

    • You can check balance, change packages, manage account, make payment, register eBilling, upgrade services & create service request.

  4. Can I purchase Astro Best or Astro First content from your enhanced self-service menu?

    • No, sir/madam, however, the feature to purchase Astro Best or Astro First content will be made available soon. Stay tuned for updates!

  5. What is the purpose of signing in to the new Self-Service page?

    • You can gain full control over your Astro account by signing in. It is fast, safe and easy!

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